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In this fast-paced world of nearly unlimited access, providing a secure access solution for facilities, places and information is vital. Yet, many secure access solutions are cumbersome, requiring fingerprints, iris scans, or carrying a card. Genie’s FST Biometrics solution offers secure access that is non-invasive, fast and accurate. Authorised users do not have to slow down, sign in or stop as they are identified in motion using a unique fusion of biometric identification technology to grant access to buildings and facilities.


Key Features Include:

  • In-Motion Identification™ technology – Identifies users at a distance and in motion using a unique fusion of biometric identification technology
  • Software Solution – Easily integrates with many existing security infrastructures in a variety of physical settings
  • Mobile Solution – Provides biometric technology in the hands of security personnel with IMID Access integrated mobile application
  • User-Friendly – IMID Cast allows users to self-enroll in the system, and the enhanced feedback system provides user control over secure access experience
  • Visitor Management System – Provides the same seamless secure access experience for visitors, while maintaining a real time activity log
  • Software Add-ons – Meets the specific secure access needs by customising our secure access solution


  • Corporates
  • Retail Industry
  • Financial Institutions
  • Sport Arenas
  • Residential Buildings
  • Airports
  • Educational Institutes

For More Information please contact us on 01707 330 541 or sales@genieaccess.com